FRASP Stage Monitor Hire Nottingham

For a musician being able to hear their performance and that of their band mates is of the highest importance if they are going to perform to the best of their ability and for that reason FRASP PA hire can supply high standard, professional quality stage monitors that will allow you to hear every aspect of your performance. FRASP have a range of foldback monitors available for hire that are suitable for a variety of event types and sizes including acoustic sets, open mic nights, DJ booth monitors, full band live sound monitoring and conference monitoring.


See below to view a selection of the FRASP stage monitor hire range.

Active Monitors

Hill M1 Active Coaxial Enclosure

As a truely versatile cabinet the Hill M1 active speaker can be used as a high quality stage monitor. The M1 cabinet design allows the on stage angle to be adjusted between 45o and 65o resulting in a deeper throw if required. The M1 is equipped with a bespoke Volt engineered 12" coaxial driver complete with radial cooling. This allows the M1 to operate at its maximum level over many hours of continuous use.  


The use of only premium components ensures outstanding sonic quality and resolution no matter what application the M1 is being employed in.


Detailed Specifications:

  • 12” coaxial driver with radial cooling system to maintain quality and clarity over load periods of use.
  • Phase coherent, wideband performance acheived by cone ring radiator that allows a 'sorft' crossover to the compression driver.
  • High frequency range produced in perfect clarity by Coaxial Neodymium Titanium compression driver.
  • Inbuilt AB class amplifier producing excellent levels of audio accuracy and sound quality.
  • Driver optimised 800W power output.
  • Switchable frequency response giving full range, or bass cut option.
  • High quality connection capabilities via Neutrik Powercon and XLR input and output ports.
  • Adjustable angle when being used as a stage monitor.
  • Adjustable stand mounting angles
  • Rigging points allow M1 to be flown in multiple cabinet array


For more information on the M1 active speaker click the following link to go to the Hill Speaker Systems website.


If you are interested in hiring the Hill M1 active speaker or any other product in the FRASP sound system hire range, contact FRASP via our online enquiry form.


Passive Monitors

L2 Audio WM12H Passive Stage Monitor

The L2 Audio WM12H Passive Stage Monitor is ideal for use at live sound events where high quality foldback is required. The WM12H consists of a 12” aluminium chassis with 1” compression driver giving a total RMS power rating of 140 Watts and maximum SPL of 119dB. Despite being a small unit the WM12H provides great audio spread for vocals and backline monitoring and can also be stand mounted for front of house application if required.


As a passive unit the L2 Audio WM12H will have to be hired in conjunction with a suitable power amplifier such as the Crown XTI1000 or OHM CFU A1 which are both available from FRASP PA Hire.


Detailed specification:

  • Frequency range - 55Hz - 20 KHz
  • Power Rating (RMS) - 140 Watts
  • LF Driver - 12" Aluminium chassis
  • HF Driver - 1" Compression Driver
  • Impedance - 8 Ohms
  • Max SPL - 119 dB
  • Sensitivity (1W@1M) - 97dB
  • Crossover Frequency - 3.5 KHz
  • Input Connectors - Speakon


Contact FRASP via our contact form or on 0800 822 3420 to discuss the monitoring requirements or any other aspect of your event.