Line Array Systems

For larger live sound and conference events FRASP sound system hire can supply a range of Hill Speaker System line arrays. The line array speaker system is designed to cater for large venues due to its ability to distribute sound over a wide area and the Hill Speaker System line arrays are of the highest quality using only the very best components and design philosophy. Read on for more information on the Hill Speaker Systems M8 line array system available from FRASP PA hire.

 M8 Active Line Array Enclosure

The term line array describes a sound system where the sound coverage is controlled by the relative positioning of the speakers along a fixed line, although increasingly the term has been used to describe any large format sound system.


There are a number of advantages to using a line array system for large scale events such as live music, conferences and theatrical performances.


These include:

  • A small physical footprint reducing the impact of the system on audience sight lines and increasing the space available for other audio visual equipment such as video screens.
  • Tall line array systems allow improved provision of sound in venues with high tiered seating.
  • Simple installation when line array system is flown from suitable rigging.
  • Audio imaging is tighter as the two line array columns produce waveforms that do not suffer from the interference usually experienced by large scale sound systems.

The performance of line array systems can vary in terms of their ability to address the factors detailed above and many do in fact suffer from additional issues. One of the main problems associated with poorly designed systems is that of insufficient horizontal coverage. Due to the narrow arc of sound coverage produced by some line arrays members of the audience seated outside of this area will suffer a significant loss in clarity. To remedy this the line array may be augmented with a conventional sound system but not only can this lead to a dramatic loss of sound quality but may also negate the small physical footprint of the line array. Some line array systems also struggle with reproducing the bass frequencies across the entire height of the speaker column. A column of dedicated bass speakers may be installed alongside the mid / high array but once again this increases the overall footprint of the system.


The M8 fully delivers on all the potential advantages of a Line Array system


As in all the M-Series, the M8 fully exploits the performance of the PD-12 coaxial driver, with its seamless 5 octave mid-range and minimal thermal compression due to the advanced radial cooling.


The Hill Speaker Systems M8 line array speakers delivers all the benefits of a line array with none of the potential drawbacks. At the heart of the M8 is the PD-12 coaxial driver which produces seamless 5 octave mid-range performance. The advanced radial cooling also keeps compression to a minimum.

The Hill M8 also produces 120o horizontal coverage to ensure virtually every area of the audience has perfect audio coverage. For areas of the audience that are outside the M8 coverage area, other speakers in the M Series range can be effectively utilised. The use of identical technology and build quality throughout the range ensures that no loss of sound quality will be experienced.

As genuine full range cabinets the M8 line array systems provide frequency responses down to 55Hz in a 6 cabinet configuration and 45Hz in a 12 cabinet configuration. Furthermore since each M8 cabinet contains a studio quality multi-channel amplifier it is possible to fine tune a wide range of audio parameters.


Flying and Setup of M8 Line Array System

The M8 line array system can be rigged using a proprietary 2-point flybar and speed link system which allows 0 – 10o box to box splay adjust and a work load rated for up to 30 cabinets.

The M8 cabinets can travel as individual units being assembled on site or alternatively pre-rigged in blocks of six prewired to a single multipin and AC connector. Once onsite the blocks are maneuvered into position where motors are attached and the block lifted. The desired splay is generally preset before lifting however it is possible to adjust this at the point of lift. Once both blocks have been lifted the inner and outer drivers of each M8 can be independently fine-tuned in terms of wavefront edges, level, EQ, delay using a suitable multi-out system processor.