Cabling and Input


FRASP sound system hire use only Van Damme audio cables with our range of PA systems. Van Damme understand that as technology advances that the standard of cabling needs to keep up. That is why Van Damme continue to invest the extensive experience and expertise they built up over two decades to develop audio cables of the highest quality.  Van Damme - The route of least resistance


Below are some Cables & Adaptors we can supply

XLR to XLR  Price Day/Week
1m XLR to XLR  £0.50/£1.50
2.5m XLR to XLR £0.50/£1.50
5m XLR to XLR £0.75/£2.25
10m XLR to XLR £1.00/£3.00
15m XLR to XLR £2.50/£7.50
100m XLR to XLR (On Real) £10.00/£30.00
Mutlicore and Loom's      Price Day/Week
10m 8 Send Multicore £5.00/15.00
10m 4 Way XLR Loom  £3.50/£10.50
Speaker Cable  Price Day/Week
5m 2 pole Speakon cable  £0.50/£1.50
10m 2 pole Speakon cable £1.00/£3.00
2.5m 4 pole Speakon cable  £1.50/£4.50
5m 4 pole Speakon cable  £1.50/£4.50
10m 4 pole Speakon cable  £2.00/£6.00
25m 4 pole Speakon cable  £4.00/£12.00
Neutrik Speakon Coupler £1.00/£3.00

FRASP use Van Damme cables for our speaker and microphone cable as well as any other application requiring high quality audio cable. Below is detailed technical specification of a small selection of the Van Damme cable supplied with FRASP pa systems.

Black Series Tour Grade speaker cable

Designed and built to provide accurate signal transmission for on stage use in live applications, Van Damme Black Series Tour Grade speaker cable has ultra pure copper conductors available in a variety of core sizes. As a result the Black Series cable is ideal for use in systems of the highest power including line array.


FRASP utilise the Black Series speaker cable in our PA system packages to ensure the very best in audio signal transmission.


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Tour Grade Classic XKE microphone cable

Widely used in film and recording studios, touring applications and the education sector Van Damme Tour Grade Classic XKE microphone cable combines flexibility, durability, noiseless operation and top quality handling characteristics.


FRASP utilise the XKE range of cables for live and conference applications to ensure that the quaility of signal transmission is perfect from the very start of the audio chain.