Stage lighting hire

The use of effective stage lighting can make any stage feel like the focal point of your event and give the venue much greater atmosphere, interest and focus.


FRASP stage lighting hire have a range of stage lighting that can turn any stage from a dull and lifeless platform to an area that complements and emphasises the users performance whether it be a live music event, awards ceremony, DJ event or theatre performance.


FRASP have significant experience in designing stage lighting systems to complement any event ensuring that the result fits your vision and blends seamlessly with the other aspects of your event. We can provide white or colour light washes, dimming and chase effects all with full operator control to ensure that the system performs to its highest potential.


FRASP lighting hire have a wide range of stage lighting equipment including PAR 56 stage lighting cans, PAR 64 stage lighting cans, extensive rigging systems, lighting control systems and cabling that can be used to create bespoke systems to suit any event or budget so if you have an upcoming event in the Nottingham, Leicester or Derby area that requires stage lighting to provide atmosphere and movement contact FRASP stage lighting Nottingham and we will happily discuss your lighting requirements and put together a comprehensive, bespoke quote.


See below for details on some of the stage lighting equipment FRASP stage lighting hire Nottingham have available for rent.

PAR 64 Cans

Lanta Fireball Par64 Colour Mixing Par Can

The Fireball Par64 Colour Mixing Par Can incorporates 177 individual LEDs allowing colour changes and mixing of red, blue and green light. The Fireball has a range of user control methods including DMX control and unit mounted controls. LED Par cans offer the benefits of lighter power load, no blown bulbs, low heat generation and easy colour change ability without the use of gels.


The Fireball Par 64 can be both floor and stand mounted by use of its incorporated bracket and its low weight and power consumption make it a safe unit for use on rigging.


Detailed Specification

  • LEDS - 177 total
  • Colours - Full spectrum with 7 presets
  • DMX512 - 5 Channel
  • Connections - 2 x XLR
  • Consumption - 30 Watts


FRASP can supply the Lanta Fireball Par Can as part of a complete stage lighting hire package suitable for a range of events including live music, conferences and DJ.

Lanta Fireball PAR64 LED

The Lanta Fireball PAR64 LED Par can incorporates white LEDs with the standard red, green and blue mix. The result is a lamp that can not only produce the full colour spectrum but also intense whites and subtle pastels for flexibility in any venue. The twin yoke bracket allows the lamp to be floor mounted for front of stage and uplighter use as well as standard rigging mounting. Control is via 3 and 5 channel DMX, sound to light operation and on-board pre-sets.


Detailed specification

  • Light source - 144w Total (18 x 8w RGBW)
  • Control - 4, 5 & 8 Channel DMX 512, LED Display, Master/slave, Auto run, Sound activated.
  • Control connection - 3 Pin Female XLR socket, 3 Pin Male XLR socket
  • Run modes - Static colour, colour mix and fade

For more information on the Fireball PAR64 LED click the following link to the Lanta website.


If you are interested in hiring the Lanta Fireball PAR64 LED or any item in the FRASP lighting hire range contact via our quote form or on 0800 822 3420


Lanta Fireball PAR64S

The Fireball PAR64S includes all the features of the Fireball PAR64 (detailed above) but with the added advantage of a slim line housing. As such this unit can be used for conferences and product launches as a discreet uplighter to provide light and colour washes across stages, stage sets and products. The PAR64S can also be used for standard live music and DJ applications and has power in/out features allowing multiple units to be linked together. Control is via DMX512, preset or sound to light operation.


Detailed specification

  • LEDs - 177x 10mm LEDs
  • Colours - Full spectrum
  • DMX512 - 1, 3, 4 & 6 channel
  • Connections - 2 x XLR

For more information on the Fireball PAR64S LED par can click the following link to go to the Lanta website.


If you are interested in hiring the Lanta Fireball PAR64S or any item in the FRASP lighting hire range contact via our quote form or on 0800 822 3420.

PAR 56 Cans

Soundlab Black Short Par 56 can

This basic short nose Par 56 can contains a standard 300 W bulb and can be fitted to free standing or installed rigging. The Par 56 can be used with standard dimmer packs to allow fades and features a removable grill that protects the bulb and houses interchangeable colour gels. The Par 56 can be used for conferences, live music, DJ and any application requiring basic stage lighting to provide white and colour washes. FRASP can also provide any rigging or cabling required to ensure your stage lighting system is ideal your event.


If you are interested in hiring a stage lighting system including the Par 56 short nose can or any item in the FRASP lighting hire range contact via our quote form or on 0800 822 3420.

LED Batons

Lanta Orion Link V2

The Lanta Orion Link V2 colour mixing LED bar is a superb addition to any lighting rig. Measuring almost 1m in length and incorporating 320 10mm LEDs the Orion is perfect for use in a variety of applications including providing colour washes for conference, live music and DJ event stages. The Orion features red, green and blue LEDs aloowing it to produce a full colour spectrum, as such it is ideal for corporate events where a particular colour theme is required. In terms of control the Orion has 7 presets as well as up to 9 channels of DMX control. Multiple units can also be daisy chained together for applications where large scale colour washes are required.


Detailed Specifications:

  • LEDS - 320 10mm LEDs (128 Red, 96 Green, 96 Blue)
  • Colours - Full Spectrum, 7 presets
  • DMX512 - 3, 4, 7 & 9 Channel
  • Connections - 2 x three pin XLR style
  • Power - 240v AC 50/60Hz
  • Consumption - 36 Watts
  • Dimensions - 975mm x 65mm x 75mm
  • Weight - 2.6Kg

For more information on the Orion Link V2 colour mixing LED bar click the following link to go to the Lanta website.


If you are intersted in hiring the Lanta Orion Link V2 colour mixing LED bar or any other item in our lighting hire range, contact FRASP via our online quote form or call us on 0800 822 3420.