Festival PA Hire

If you are organising a festival of any size contact FRASP PA hire to discuss your requirements. FRASP are experienced in providing sound system equipment for all areas of festival requirements including PA systems, lighting and staging.


Festival PA Systems can vary hugely depending on the application for which it is being used. Most festivals will have multiple indoor and outdoor live music stages each catering for varying audience sizes and there is also likely to be dance tents and stand-up comedy stages. As such most festivals will require a number of PA systems of different sizes set up accordingly to cater for the required application.


In this respect FRASP is the ideal choice as we can supply a wide range of PA systems from line array systems for large outdoor stages down to two speaker vocal PA systems for stand up comedy use.


FRASP can provide the following PA systems for a range of Festival Applications:


  • Line Array PA Systems - Now the industry standard for live sound applications at large scale events, FRASP can supply line array systems of up to 60kWs suitable for large scale, outdoor live events. FRASP use the Hill range of Line Array systems which are reknowned for their audio quality over large areas. FRASP can also supply digital mixing systems and foldback systems with up to 16 on stage monitor mixes.
  • Standard cabinet PA systems - FRASP have a range of cabinet based PA systems that are suitable for smaller, indoor live sound festival applications. FRASP utilise the OHM range of cabinet PA systems which can be configured to suit audiences of up to 400 people in live sound applications. The FRASP range of box speakers are also ideal for use in festival dance tents where their ability to reproduce incredible bass will create the perfect dance atmosphere.
  • Vocal PA Systems - FRASP can supply a range of vocal PA systems that are ideal for use at festival applications such as stand up comedy or poetry tents where smaller audiences are expected. Both wireless and wired vocal microphones can also be supplied if required.


In addition to supplying the right equipment FRASP have the experience and expertise to install and operate a complete Festival PA sound system. Our team of riggers and engineers have worked at a wide range of festivals so you can be reassured that your equipment will be perfectly suited for the event, correctly and safely installed by experienced technicians and operated by sound engineers who have worked extensively at similar events.


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