Conference PA and AV Hire from FRASP

Conference PA system Hire


Effective conference PA systems ensure that every word of a presentation, seminar, training session or award ceremony is reproduced in crystal clear clarity for every member of the assembled audience. FRASP can supply a range of conference PA systems for corporate events of any size in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and across the East Midlands. Our range of conference PA hire equipment includes PA systems suitable for a range of event sizes, tabletop microphones, wireless radio microphones, lapel microphones and lectern microphones. FRASP will also deliver, install and operate the equipment throughout your event to ensure smooth operation and perfect sound quality.
Hire PA systems for seminars, training sessions and other small scale corporate events


FRASP can supply small scale PA systems consisting of a pair of professional standard, stand mounted speakers and a powered mixer unit that is ideal for use during events with small audiences such as seminars and training sessions. These can be supplied with handheld or lapel mounted radio microphones and are quick to install and simple to operate. FRASP can deliver, install and operate the PA system if required to ensure sound quality is of the highest level.
For larger training sessions or seminars contact FRASP with your particular requirements and we will design a bespoke PA system to cater for your event needs.


Hire PA systems for conferences


For mid sized conferences with up to 500 delegates, FRASP can supply suitable PA systems to ensure every word of the presentation is heard by each attendee. FRASP can supply conference PA systems consisting of between 2 and 8 stand mounted professional standard conference speakers that can be distributed around a venue. As such the volume will not be overpowering for any particular section of the audience and the sound natural and precise. FRASP can also supply handheld and lapel mounted radio microphones, tabletop microphones and lectern microphones and can deliver, install and operate the PA system to ensure smooth running throughout the event.

For larger conference events of over 500 delegates please contact FRASP with details of your event. We will then design a bespoke PA system to perfectly cater for your event.
FRASP can also cater for your PA hire requirements If your corporate event has other elements such as live music, an auction or DJ performance. Include details of these aspects when contacting FRASP PA hire and we will design the perfect hire PA system for your requirements.


Hire lighting for conferences

Quality stage and effect lighting can turn an otherwise uninspiring venue into a memorable location for your conference event. FRASP can supply a variety of event lighting to give your conference or corporate event an extra element. FRASP can provide the following lighting hire items for conference events being held in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and the whole of the East Midlands:


Stage Lighting Hire – A stage is a focal point for any conference event and illuminating that stage correctly is vital if all the activity taking place is to be properly observed by the audience. In addition to this, effective stage lighting can be used to provide atmosphere to the venue by providing evocative illumination, fading and colour washes. FRASP stage lighting hire can provide a wide range of stage lighting including stands, cabling and control equipment. We can also deliver and install the equipment either solely as a lighting installation or as part of a larger audio visual installation including PA equipment or staging.

Disco lighting hire for conferences

If you want to provide a different element to your conference
event moving lights can be effective employed. FRASP lighting hire can provide
a selection of disco lighting hire effects that can be used to provide movement
on stage areas or for live music performances or discos being held as part of
the event. Contact FRASP lighting hire to discuss your event and let us design,
install and operate the perfect disco lighting or moving lighting system for
your requirements


To discuss your conference lighting hire requirements or any aspect of your event contact a member of the FRASP team on 0800 822 3420 or via our contact form and we will recommend the best lighting for your event.


Stage and staging hire for conferences


FRASP can provide a wide range of staging and staging accessories for conferences, seminars, training sessions and award ceremonies being held in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and the whole of the East Midlands. FRASP have a significant stock of modular staging that can be arranged into virtually any shape and used for a variety of applications. Also included can be stair units, disabled access ramps, valance skirting, carpeting and backdrops. FRASP staging can be erected on a variety of surfaces and a variety of heights to ensure your audience gets the perfect view of your event. FRASP will also deliver and install your event stage ensuring the perfect presentation of your event focal point.


To discuss your staging hire requirements or any aspect of your event contact a member of the FRASP team on 0800 822 3420 or via our contact form and we will recommend the best staging for your event.