FRASP Projection Screen Hire

Data projection screens are a vital component when you intend to use a data projector to display images, presentations or videos at both corporate or private events. The projection surface of a projection screen is designed to reflect back as much of the data projector's light to the audience as possible resulting in bright, vivid and clear displays. FRASP have a range of projection screen types and sizes available for hire to suit any event size or venue that can be supplied with a suitable data projector if required.


Projection screen options

Projection screens are available in both front and rear projection screen formats which vary in their suitability for events depending on a number of factors including available space at both the front and rear of the intended screen position, the proximity of the audience to the screen, the intended appearance of event location and the ability of the projector to project reversed images for rear projection. The information below details the two types of projection screen currently available in the AV hire market and their benefits.


Front Projection Screens - Usually in the form of a tripod mounted or pull up screen front projection screens have to have the projector positioned in front of them to properly render the image. Front projection screens are best used in venues where space is at a premium and where the projector can be positioned in front of the screen without blocking or being blocked by the audience or presenter.


Rear Projection Screens - Rear projection screens allow the projected image to pass through them from the rear and render on the front of the screen where it is visible by the assembled audience. Rear projection screens have the benefit of allowing the projector to be in a position where the image cannot be blocked by the audience or presenter, it is also more aethetically pleasing as the projector itself and any connecting cables are hidden behind the screen. Be aware that the projector must have the ability to reverse the image so it appears correctly to the audience (most modern projectors do) and that a short throw lens is recommended to reduce the amount of space required behind the screen to achieve the preferred image size.


See below for information on the products FRASP have available in the data projection screen hire range.

Front Projection Tripod Screens

FRASP have a range of front projection tripod screens available that are ideal for use in venues where space is at a premium. Front tripod projection screens can be hired in a variety of sizes from 4' x 4' up to 10' x 8' making them ideal for conferences, meetings and seminars as well as private events such as parties or weddings. Fully collapsible to allow ease of transport, front projection tripod screens are also easily and quickly erected.


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